DIY Sustainable Building Guide 1 Packing Tyres

This is part 1 in the DIY Sustainable Building Guide where we share information on how to build with sustainable natural and alternative materials. In part 1, Mateo Paneitz​, our tyre building expert from LONG WAY HOME​, shares how to ram tyres with earth for building. The footage was shot during the construction of the Early Childhood Development Centre project in Delft, Cape Town. The project was initiated and is funded by the City of Cape Town. It's a pioneering project combining conventional, natural and alternative building materials and techniques in a public building. Peter McIntosh from the Natural Building Collective is the natural and alternative build project manager. This is the second in a series of films about the project and will showcase some of the materials and techniques used so watch this space. Thanks to Rory Sheldon for the footage and edit and support from the Sophia Foundation for making this series of films possible.
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