Diy Tesla Power Wall ep6 Building the Battery Holder

This episode I am building a custom 18650 cell holder that will allow me to easily change a bad cell if one happens to fail. PVC was from Lowes part# 49731. I might change it to staggered so there closer together, havent decided yet. What do you think?

Ethan Meixsell -Gut Check, Pride Before the Fall
Everet Almond -Heist Me

Also If you like the channel and videos and want to donate, feature a product or help out with a project, you can. Send me message or donate with the Links below. I would really like to upgrade to a better camera and I am accepting donations :) Thanks to all the others who have donated, parts, tools, stickers and batteries. Thank you so much!!!

Possible better but cheaper camera that I am looking at. Anyone have one like this, do you like it? http://amzn.to/2jBz7nC

A Canon that I would really like to get http://amzn.to/2iM6lMU

Donations will be used towards the projects and better equipment to produce better videos right here on youtube in videos to come!!!
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