DIY Tesla Power Wall Powers 2 A/C Units

This is my 12,000 watt inverter and DIY Tesla Power Wall powering my whole house, a 4 ton A/C unit and a 2nd 24,000BTU Mini Split A/C in my Youtube studio. This video isn't the best I've done but what I'm shooting in it is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Being able to power my whole house with a 12kw inverters and tesla batteries is just plain awsome. I think this might be the first video to date on youtube of this being done! My friend Jeff helped a lot in the making and machining of the needed aluminum buss bars for my tesla power wall. He spent 3 nights with me at his shop doing all the data input into his auto cad program and then into his CNC program to then machine them for me! What a great friend and if anyone needs something made hit me up and I'll talk to jeff about helping you out.
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