Diy Tesla Powerwall ep33 Quick Update and Sorting Cells

Its been a week or 2 Since the last update. Ive been so exhausted from work the last few weeks its been tough to get stuff done.

This is going to be my version of the Tesla Powerwall. Ill start with 10kw at 48v (100p14s) and will add more packs as time goes on to increase the capacity. I plan to store everything in a Short Server Cabinet and It will be a Power Rack!!! Subscribe and follow my build!!!

These are the .5amp fuses I got.

He also has 1, 1.5 and 2amp and more if anyone else is looking

The Wife started a New Youtube Ch. Its going to be about making food and Recipes. Tell your wives and girlfriends. Check it out here
She is running into the same camera issues so there is some funny sounds but just ignore that for now :)

If you like the channel and videos and want to donate, support me on Patreon, feature a product or help out with a project, you can. Send me message or donate with the Links below. I would really like to upgrade to a better camera and I am accepting donations :) Thanks to all Awesome people who have donated, parts, tools, stickers and batteries. Thank you so much!!!

Foxnovo F-4S I use to Discharge and Capacity check
Tp4056s I get are here
Need a heat gun
Heat Shrink I use is here
Solder can be found here
Possible better but cheaper camera that I am looking at. Anyone use one like this?
A Canon Camera that I would really like to get

Donations will be used towards the projects and better equipment to produce better videos right here on youtube in videos to come!!!
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