Diy Tesla Powerwall ep45 Looking at a 48v APC UPS for an Inverter

This is going to be my version of the Tesla Powerwall. Ill start with 10kw at 48v (100p14s) and will add more packs as time goes on to increase the capacity. I plan to store everything in a Short Server Cabinet and It will be a Power Rack!!! Subscribe and follow my build!!!

This Update I am taking a look at the 48v APC UPS (SUA3000RM2U) that I plan to use as an Inverter on my Power Rack! I decided to go ahead and try to get the UPS ready since I dont have a Charge controller yet. Then I install it into the Server Rack!!!

Amazon Link for info on the 48v UPS

I also talk a little about knurlgnar24's videos and what he did to modify the UPS to run in series with another UPS to get 240VAC. I was thinking about how he modified the UPS by soldering a wire from the IC to 5v to make the UPS in Sync mode. It might be the same for Paralleling them. If anyone knows a mod to Parallel the UPS's let me know!

knurlgnar24's videos:
Series the UPS for 140VAC
Playlist for Upgrading the UPS for more Watts

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MPPT PCM60x Charge Controller
The Anderson Connectors are here
The #6 Wire on EBay is here
Tp4056s I get are here
Need a heat gun
Heat Shrink I use now is here
Solder can be found here
.5A Axial Fast Glass Fuse
Mini Volt Meters: 2 wire
Amazon- Blue
Amazon- Red
AliExpress- Blue
3 wire Blue
Amazon- 5 pack

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