Diy Tesla Powerwall ep69 Messing With My Rack ;) Need Opinions

This Video I am Redoing My Rack! OPINIONS NEEDED!!! I am preparing for the Batrium BMS Install and wanted to move some stuff around. I am also throwing around Ideas to keep everything hooked up and slide out a drawer at the same time. I made a few 6awg extension cables to add to the back side of the battery packs but the problem is that the extension cables drag on the battery packs below and get stuck. I need some opinions or suggestions on other ways this could be done or if Its a crap shoot idea and just scrap the hole Idea and go back to how it was.

This is my version of the Tesla Powerwall. Ill start with 10kw at 48v (100p14s) and will add more packs as time goes on to increase the capacity. I plan to store everything in a Short Server Cabinet and It will be a Power Rack!!! Subscribe and follow my build!!!

I ordered 7x7mm Drag Chain
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