DIY Tesla Turbine Video 1

This is video 1 in a series of videos which will show how to build your own Tesla Turbine for fun and experimentation.

Many operational parameters e.g. air injector angle, hole size, hole shape, number of holes, number of discs and disc gap are all user modifiable so that the turbine can be used for serious research.

A primary consideration in the design is to keep the cost down. For this reason the discs are made from standard CDs, the body is acrylic and the bearings are standard skate bearings.

Using acrylic for the body allows it to be made using a paper pattern, a fretsaw and a drill or file. The turbine housing (the round bit) is a 3" section of off-the-shelf 127mm OD acrylic tube. A plastics merchant will sell you the 5mm acrylic sheet and will sell you the tube cut to size.

Alternatively the end plates could be made from 5mm plywood.

"A common experimental platform"

Lots of people have built Tesla turbines and many have performed their own experiments.

They all built turbines to various designs, some of their own devising.

My idea is to standardise on one design which is based on a cheap, commonly available standard disc, namely, the humble CD.

It will then be possible for experimentors to compare like with like and discover and share sucessfull modifications.

Downloadable plans, a photo/video build log of this turbine and a users forum will be hosted on soon.


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