DIY vertical axis high output low speed windcharger

Originally design to fold up and down on top of RV to aid solar panels in 12 Volt DC power production in low speed applications with about 300 watts of power production. Several blade configerations were tested and final prototype for DIY design was produced. Production of blade design pictured at end of video is creation of my son's Foundation Specialist of Texas manufacturing facilities and design to fold up and down on back of motor home and produce 1000 watts of DC power.This design is also to be incorporated in underground silo arrangment that retracts in storm proof storage container and is raised on telescoping tower after storm or disaster to produce power for underground shelter or panic rooms that Foundation Specialist if East Texas also manufactors, and installs.
Foundation Specialist Of East Texas can be contacted about solar power sytems, hybrid power systems, underground survival structures, wind turbines, solar powered water filtration systems, foundation issues, septic tank installation, and special project construction.
Spirit Eagle Designs can be contacted for solar, wind and hybrid power systems design and installation. Also Spirit Eagle Designs custom builds, restores, and sells VW trikes, as well asspecial projects.
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