Do it yourself solar night light with joule thief and 1 AA battery

I am trying to combine my joule thief circuit with my solar rechargeable night light. Doing so would mean I can use a lower voltage solar panel to recharge the single AA or other size battery. In this case, I can probably use a 3 volt solar panel. A diode to prevent current back flow would drop the voltage to 2.3v or so. Given the solar panel would also lose efficiency as it heats up, the 3 volt panel would probably be right for the job. The circuit I'm experimenting now uses four 5mm white LEDs. It is not all that bright but the watts used is less than one tenth of a watt. Since I'm quite ignorant of the joule thief circuit, aside from the obvious, please comment and advise.
I have included here a link to my videos on my solar night light project here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-XgBT371GOqBZc0tioP14esq4ak2P_d

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