Do your DIY solar water heater this winter

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These works are basically elaboration of our entry in one international competition at GE ecomagination Powering Your Home or more recently for portable DIY solar water heater at and its coverage in CNN worldwide in April end 2012 on going green is a big milestone for us to reach wider audience at global level.

Easiest passive solar heater, This DIY Solar Water Heater can be done by anyone at home, Cheapest Solar and Easiest Solar ,as easy as joining two ends of pipe, and presto!
Our basic idea of putting this innovative Solar Water Heater on YouTube is to make people understand the simplest way to store the heat energy of the sun for everyday use. Everyone knows if one puts anything under the sun, it starts getting hot slowly irrespective of the ambient temperature. It can be freezing cold or extremely hot, the free energy of the sun goes wasted unless it is tapped and stored.

There are many different ways to tap the solar energy for heating mainly for domestic use, the very first step to harness the free energy. The normal solar panel a regular house hold item of the urban areas are far too complicated if one starts building on his own, He shall end up going to the vendor as it requires a mini workshop setup, with welding machines and other piping accessories tools. The vacuum tube solar is an amazing product though, but it requires even bigger investment for simple assembly itself at home.

These high end technologies not yet very complicated by the present advancement of science are like mirage if one goes to the rural setup of remote areas in so many parts across the globe.

The distinction of this innovative Solar Water Heater and the rest of the solar water heater lie in the fact that it requires a very little technical skill and can be assembled by almost everyone even in the remotest part of the world.

The polythelene black HDPE/PVC/UPVC pipe being lighter can be transported very easily, and the Mild steel tank can also be replaced by HDPE water tank a light weight item too. The absorber base can be made with cement mortar also if required.

Similarly with simplicity and economy for thermal gain of more than 35 degree Celsius it can also create a big avenue for power generations through closed cycle engines.

This economic and light weight HDPE/PVC/UPVC solar can be installed in and around the trekking routes of Annapurna and Everest trek trail, and thousands of tourist can enjoy the hot solar shower easily without destroying the Firewood of that region, which in turn helps to retain the green, a very suitable alternative to enhance the beauty of the nature.

This Video is further elaboration on the entry to GE Challenge ecomagination 2010 submission video, worldwide competition for possible collaboration and funding from GE for a huge sum for investment around the globe.
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