Does Vertical Farming Work?

What is Vertical Farming and does it even work? Which is the best version of this technology? Is the future skyscraper farms, vertical greenhouses or Plant Factories?

In the last video we saw that agriculture is a major contributor to climate change but can vertical farming improve the sustainability of our food supply? Indoor growing is viable now but at what energy cost, after all most of our current energy is produced from fossil fuels?

Growing lettuce indoors now is sustainable using LED grow lights but will this scale to other types of crops?

This is the second video in my vertical farming series.

Video 3 asks: How big will the impact of vertical farming be? What are the obstacles does it face? What are the solutions?

I'm posting an appendix video at the end of the series. It's almost certain that I a missed oversimplified things in the process of making this video. Facts, data and corrections are encouraged.

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