Double-Distilled Water - the secret of Stan Meyer`s electrolyze?

As Crude Oil is not a Car fuel, so Tap Water is not a Car fuel, but Gasoline and Double-Distilled Water - is!

About 20 years ago in scientific journals appear publication, which describes a Car, that run only on Water Fuel. The Car engine use absolutely, extremely clear water. Indicate, that Car Driver is use only one of the car seats, because other three places are occupied ... by Distilling equipment
... and i never again read about this success... nowhere ...

The first Stanley Meyer's Electrolysers (like 8XA Circuit diagram with Long Tube Set) directly work with Tap Water!
And this is correct!
But "Resonance" Electrolyzers (like 11-Tube Cell and Water Injector) work only if is use Double-distilled Water!
If the Water have "Resistance", Resonance condition is not created - VIC-Transformer not work!

My circuit diagram:

How to Stanley Meyer present "Water Resistance" of Cell:


Stanley Meyer`s Patent US 4,936,961 A:

Here is 3 types of Water (left to right):
Once Distilled water from Factory Distiller
Deionized water from Gas Station
Purified water from Pharmacy


Once-Distilled Water have Electrical conductivity about 2.2 μS/cm (Microsiemens Per Centimeter)
Double-Distilled Water have Electrical conductivity about 1.6 μS/cm (Microsiemens Per Centimeter)

- Sea Water – 5 (S•m-1)
- Tap Water – 0.0005 – 0.05 (S•m-1)
- Distilled Water – 5.5 x 10-6 (S•m-1)

The Electrical conductivity of Water is measured with device "Conductivity Meter":

How to calibrate Conductivity Meter:
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