Dry Cell HHO Bench test: Xcel-21 21 Plate 6x6" Cell #1

First bench test of a new 21 plate Dry cell Xcel-21 By GenHydroSolutions Inc.
6x6 316L SS 20G custom stamped plates and Neoprene70 gaskets. 4n 3 4PP = 16 plates. Config P 4n N 4n P 4n N

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for more information. (its under construction right now) You can find my dry cell kits currently on Ebay as well. Feel free to PM with any question comments.

Bench test details:
13.6v @ 30A took 30sec to make 1 liter of HHO which is 2lpm. efficiency =4.9mmw. I have had conditioned cells bench test at well over 5.8 mmw using more neutral plates config. I will do another video using 5N plates in a 25 plate cell same configuration to compare efficiencies in mmw.

What i like about 4n is the short time to get to operating temps and you can use less KOH/Ga. to get your amps.

I used 1 tblspoon of KOH/GA. temps were around 100F after 20 min run time. These cells will handle heat pretty good most get to about 140F ater about 5hours of run time at this amperage and can be air cooled to run at 120F.

Production should increase as cells are conditioned on this cell, to well over 2.5 lpm.
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