Dual Axis Solar Tracking System (Cairo University)

Cairo University - Engineering Faculty
Electrical Power Department
Automatic control specialty

Team member :

Eng.Ramy Khaled Antoun
Eng.Ramy Mohamed Galal
Eng.Taha Ahmed Ibrahim
Eng.Ramy Ahmed mohamed

Supervised by : Prof Dr / Hossam A. Abdel Fattah

Requirement: Off-shore settlement totally dependent on its natural resources for power generation and water desalination.

Achievement: cost effective technique using automatic dual axis solar tracking system and linear actuator.

Project Specification:

1. Two linear actuator dc motor ( high torque , low speed )
2. Micro-controller used (Arduino mega 2560)
3. Dual channel H-Bridge that drive the two motor ( 2 Amp each channel )
4. Four LDR to detect the highest intensity of solar radiation
5. Schneider charger controller ( Xantrex C12 - 12 Amp , 12 volt )
6. Two current transducer for measuring load & battery consumption.
7. Solar Panel & Battery Bank.

Graduation Project grade: Excellent
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