Duoplasmatron Fusion Breeder Reactor

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Please let me to introduce you to a new design for a nuclear reactor core which is small, simple, safe and cheap enough to power a small vehicle, the duoplasmatron fusion breeder reactor. Here's how it works:
This is a simplified schematic. On the right side, there is an evacuated quartz cylinder partially filled at the far end with depleted Uranium Deuteride (UD3), and on the left is a duoplasmatron. The duoplasmatron generates Tritium ions in an arc plasma and then accelerates them to high energies through a magnetic field to create an ion beam that generates neutrons through fusion reactions with the deutride target. This design has demonstrated 100M neutrons from a 1 microamp beam at 200KeV.

These neutrons thermalize to the resonance peak for capture by a Uranium-238 nucleus, which quickly decays into Plutonium-239, a powerful fissile material. Because the capture cross section is almost 400 times as large as Uranium-238, the next neutrons generated will very readily split the Plutonium, releasing huge amounts of energy, along with two or three neutrons to multiply the chain reaction.

The reaction is stopped by doppler-broadening in the Uranium resonance, so each fusion burst creates only a finite amount of fission energy in bursts, much like an internal combustion engine. Connected to a simple sterling cycle engine and generator, we could get a million miles from a common uranium bullet and a liter of seawater; less than a dollar's worth of raw materials.
Further research is required, but I unfortunately don't have the academic credentials to bring this into a research lab, ostensibly because I got the boot from MIT on account of my controversial side occupation, nor was I able to raise the funds for independent research as a pirate on reality TV.
Therefore, with the dream of a new energy source deferred, I'll soon be deploying with our fine troops to the front lines of the fight against those enemies of ours that are substantially enriched by our dependence ... on the old energy source.
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