e-bike 24 Volts motor used as a DC generator

Today I got a second hand e-bike. Of course, the first think you look at is the battery and motor. It is a 24V-9A ni-mh battery, so the motor runs on 24Volt, I am not going to ride on it, using the aided help of the motor, I am first of all going to look at alternative uses.

After doing some simple tests, I decided to make a clip of it. Unprepared, so it is not a perfect clip, meaning there are objects out of focus or even out of screen, I seem to forget the correct (English) words every now and then, or I don't know the translation at all and just say it -as is-. So where I said 'drive out' I mean to say that once the bike and you are at a certain speed, that you just roll on without using the pedals.

If you read this afterwards, please don't comment on the way the clip was made, but rather let's talk about the possibilities one sees.

Now I could easily go and step on this bike, and illuminate me and my bike using some real powerful lights! A 20Watt halogen reflector bulb works remarkably well, and I even have to watch out not to blow it up, as the voltage climbs above 16 Volt if you turn the wheel fast enough. And if you use a simple LED light, you won't feel the resistance. Still you do need a voltage regulator.

What would you think of? It is a standby generator, it outputs 12 to 24 Volts, and delivers 3Amps or even more (not yet measured). To charge a battery would be easy. Charge up some very good caps, and you may then start your car engine with it (see user LaserSaber for some demos).

To who reads this: after seeing this video, do you have ideas or questions? Use the comments to place your thoughts. My video was rather simple, any one could come up with it, so we are more interested in the brainstorming afterwards!
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