e-Bike With Generator

Been working on my ebike again and finally got my generator mounted on it.  I've had the generator setup on the Bob Ibex trailer for some time with a custom bike rack I built for that trailer.  Worked real well, but the trailer had to have a bigger 26" wheel so that rack is history.  Had a takeoff Topeak rack that took a bit of modification, but I put that on the Bob trailer with the new 26" wheel setup I built.  Had to make a slide-in mount for the generator to bolt to so I could slide it all on the Topeak rack.  Finished that awhile back, but came to a place where I wanted to ride further without a trailer in tow.  The obvious solution for me was to make a rack conversion for my bikes Thule rack setup.  Came up with an idea and it seems to work well enough, but I am a bit concerned over the 23 lbs. the generator puts on that rack.  It is suppose to carry up to 55 lbs. but still it is a bit concerning to me. Anyways, it's pretty much finished I think.  Might do a bit of changes, but then it will be sandblasted and painted and be done.  Shot a cellphone video the other day, so I thought I put it up here for the few people who have ask about using a generator mounted to their bike for extended treks.  Aside for a bit of noise, it seems to work well and on my setup if I can manage to keep speeds on level ground below 18 MPH or so, it keeps the battery about level with it's charge.  What that means to me is, I can now ride as far as I please and will most likely not have to stop to charge, as the charging is ongoing while I pedal.  Nice!  Here's the 5 minute video with me rattling on forever.  Just take a FF speed look if you get too board, HA!
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