E1K - Vertical axis Wind Turbine Generator 1KW hybrid Darrieus Savonius EOLO 1000

The KIT consists of the following components:

- 1 x M39 - hexapolar vertical axis wind turbine rotor VAWT
- 1 x M12 - Permanent Magnet Alternator 1Kw
- 1 x M40 - Palo universal for wind turbines

The most advanced system in the entire series for power, configuration and technical solutions. For domestic and industrial use, for accumulation and reduced electricity bill, installed in minutes without any authorization.

Double rotor hybrid Savonius + Darrieus: the most advanced aerodynamic system of the series. The double profile combined DARRIEUS + SAVONIUS allows you to maximize the power curve: profile Darrieus (in vertical position) captures a large volume of air and increases the efficiency at high rpm; Savonius profile (in horizontal position) lowers the threshold for start-up, increases the torque and the best performance at low speeds.

Rotor plus doubled to 6 blades: rotor blades increased to 6, compared to the 3-blade base, allows the doubling of wind capture in the same unit of volume: 6-bladed Darrieus and 12 blades Savonius!
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