Eagle Solar Heat Pump Testimony (Business Customer)

Eagle Solar has created a single function solar heat pump that absorbs the
heat from the suns rays and, through our panel design, super-heats the air
sent through the panel, putting it back into your home 30 to 70 degrees
hotter. Using years of research Eagle Solar has developed a way to transfer
the air in your home quickly and efficiently so that your home can gain
maximum benefits from the sun. This simply means that with as little as 15
minutes of sunlight an hour the Eagle Solar single function heat pump can
keep an average 1000 square foot area up to temperature. These panels can
be used as a single unit or combined with multiple units to increase the
heating area. The Eagle Solar single function solar heat pump is designed
to supplement your current heating system no matter what you currently
have, oil, gas, electric, wood, ect. and has been consistently reducing our
customers heating bills by up to 30% and over. Our unique design allows
this panels to be used in almost any application including, residential,
commercial, industrial, government, and office settings.

Our solar panels are designed to be completely independent of, but
complimentary to your existing heating system, no matter how large or what
type may currently be in your home or building.
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