Earth Battery Joule Thief Lights 7 LEDs

This is my earth battery powering a joule thief circuit and running 7 ultra bright, 10mm, 28,500 MCD LEDs. I misspoke myself in the last video, these are 28,500 MCD not 28,000 like I stated. It is good to get corrected sometimes. I won't go through the circuit details here, you can check my earlier ones for this info. The only real difference is that I added a second 2.3 volt 10 Farad super capacitor to the circuit. I only did this because I had one. I can't say if this helped or didn't but, you can see the lights illuminated so, I guess it works. For more info, go to Overunitydotcom in the joule thief topic. By the way, my lab assistant (Spot) is 15.5 years old. Thank you.

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