Earth Battery-Joule Thief Runs 48 Inch Tube (40 watts)

This is my earth battery running a 48" (40 watt) florescent tube. It is not at full brightness but it is lit and lit pretty well. It is much brighter than it appears on the camera. i am using my earth battery and running the output into two 2.3, 10 Farad supercaps in parallel with my modified Fuji joule thief circuit. The earth battery does not put out enough mA's to run the Fuji circuit by itself. The supercaps allow it to power the Fuji joule thief. When I get a much larger cap, I believe I can run this as long as I want to. I can charge the supercap with the earth battery by day, and run off it and the earth battery at night. For more information go to Overunitydotcom in the joule thief topic. Thanks.
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