Earth Battery Lights 100 LEDs

This is my earth battery illuminating 100 leds! I am using 2 supercaps (2.3 volt, 10 Farad each) in parallel with the earth battery to my modified Fuji Joule Thief circuit. This is connected to a string of 100 white leds Christmas lights which light up very well. I want to thank Jeanna over on the Joule Thief topic at Overunityodtcom for reminding me of what I did 2 years ago with a supercap and my first earth battery set-up. I had not remembered this and tried several times to get the Fuji JT circuit to fire but it would not. So, I listened to Jeanna and used the supercaps in parallel with the E.B. power source. (Earth Battery) I kept this short because I could not wait to process the video and upload it so my friends at Overunitydotcom could see it. In the near future, I will do longevity tests and also see if I can light some fluorescent tubes as well. I am very excited by this. If you want more details on how I have the E.B. hooked up, watch my earlier videos where I explain all of that. for more information, go to the Joule Thief topic at overunitydotcom. Thank you.

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