Earth Battery Quest - 0.7 Volt Micro Dry Earth Battery Prototype Experiment #004

Experiment four: Micro 0.7 Volt Dry Dirt Battery. Well it wasn't completely dry the core was a little moist and after a few days the volt's dropped further to 0.3 & 0.2 . I wet the cell to make it moist and it went up to 0.6 Volt. This proves the dirt here is not the power or chemical reaction source but the actual water and air moisture is. We will see with further studies it making a Tap Water battery or and air battery will give us the same results as making an earth battery.
Size Matter? Well with my current tests it looks like it does not matter future tests might prove other wise we will have to wait and see.
I'm currently working on an Earth Battery design based on the Micro cells linked in series estimated 20 -- 24 Volts. This design will be the smallest earth battery shown on YouTube to date so stay tuned!
The Earth battery battle quest has begun..
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