Earth Battery Quest - How to build a small Earth Battery "The 24Volt EB Challenge"

Here is my first how to build a prototype Mini Earth Battery.

Now the set target was set high for this battery it was 24 Volts, i have actually produced a battery to reach these levels. However on this day when i finished building & recording the result did not come to my 24 Volt estimate. I believe this was because some of my cells bridged this is what happens when to try and do things Live in front of a camera.

Not to worry! more videos are on their way creating different & better concepts to explore this Earth Battery Myth or Free Power?

This Video was made for Pete @ mixcats channel please follow us on youtube to see the progress of these EB's.
For a full test run of this Battery please see the following video.

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Chris (LordKriscall)
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