Earth Battery Quest - My First EARTH Battery Build Experiment #002

This is my 1st earth battery I tested and build out off a hobby box from RadioShack (Dicksmith). I tested this for 5 weeks it held the same voltage of 0.7 Volts for all that time, it still holds that today the battery is AIR tight and has even water still on the surface of the dirt keeping it moist. I also decided to use copper for Positive + and Zinc - for negative they work well together as shown in other video's on youtube and websites.

Both battery terminals seem to be corroding and sulphur / salt like substance is present and growing out of all air holes and the terminals themselves. This is interesting as the volts and amp current produced are so low I didn't think the chemical reaction would be that great in causing anything.
I have also learnt that the quantity of dirt is not of great importance to achieve the same 0.7 -- 0.9 volts I have not seen any difference by reducing the amount. I will prove this at a later video. May be duration of the battery will prove otherwise in further experiments.

The brass inserts were just to see if AMP current was going to be effected and register a difference but it didn't register anything higher than 2.0 mil amps which seems to be the standard reading out of dirt at the moment.
I do not like or want to add anything to the dirt (Earth) as I believe this voids the whole PURE EARTH BATTERY quest concept.
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