Earth Battery Quest - Preparation for building an EARTH BATTERY Experiment #001

This was my 1st experiment project to find the best metal materials i can get my hands on to build my future Super Ultimate Earth Battery. Follow my progress on YOUTUBE to see what I come up with at the end of this journey.

How I got interested? I had seen some video's on YouTube and decided to start experimenting researching books & and the internet I have a goal to build an ultimate earth battery. To answer the question are earth batteries useful and practical for anything??

The Goal ? High Volts & more important Amps
I want to explore and build a powerful battery with HIGH VOLTAGE & AMPS! I want to power more than just an LED light but i will go there in my experimentation to achieve the ULTIMATE EART H BATTERY.

In this Video i have used plain tap water instead of dirt there is hardly any difference between them for this experiment is just to eliminate metals that i do not require.

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