Earth Bermed - ICF - Passive Solar House Video.wmv

This video shows a newly built passive solar house in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Three bedrooms, one bath, bungalow on slab, 1218 square feet. Earth bermed on West/North side, oriented front to South for solar gain, and ICF (insulated concreted foundation up to rafters), and steel roof. Also have a Greentek HVR system in place for Ventilating http://www.greentek.ca/greentek_ventilationhrverv.cfm?c=408
Building a Passive Solar House on Kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008TAFOZE available in paperback see www.simplifyandsave.ca website gives more details on the build with architect drawings and costs.

In winter example -Today was -1C or 25F outside and inside early morning it is 65F or 16C.

More on ICF and Passive Solar
http://www.greenbuildingtalk.com/Forums/tabid/53/aff/4/aft/36973/afv/topic/Default.aspx with study included in the discussion.
And a Passivhaus website noting the value of ICF http://www.wolf-thermomodule.de/en/passivhaus.php
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