Earth under 60 meters (216ft) of water if all arctic ice melts.

This is a simulation video of what our cities today might look like in the future if all the earths arctic ice melts into the oceans. According to scientists around the world, ocean levels would rise up to 60 meters (216 feet) higher then today. This video shows water levels at various stages from 0.5 meters ( 1.5 ft ) all the way to 60 meters ( 216ft ). That way the video shows what earth might look like even if scientist are only partially correct. Even though it will take a lot longer to melt then showed it this simulation, I set the program to the year 2100 to speed up the visual effects.
Programs used to create this video:
Google Maps
Cyber Link Power Director 12
Pachabelly - Huma Huma
Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy the time and effort put into this video.
Its time to change something before its too late.
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