easy electrolysis,,,, the clean way

Simply brilliant, rust removal with electricity, redneck, oh! no, we are talking about the fourth floor here, simply brilliant, derusting with electrolysis, Edison, Tesla, Ford, Maytag, this process goes way back, I think this block of carbon I am using for the anodes is impregnated with a high percentage of graphite, I am thinking a composite of these and probily with additional ingredients, unknown to me as this block was an el-cheapo, estate sale buy, it does conduct electricity very good, fill a plastic bucket with five gallons of tap water, throw in a couple of hand fulls of sodium carbonate, (arm & hammer super washing soda, you get it at the grocery store, in the laundry dept.), carbon for the anode, part to be cleaned is the cathode, hook-er up to a 12 volt battery charger, use a jumper wire to connect the anodes together, set to 6 or 8 amps., plug-er in and have patience,, lots of it, it's in the sun all day, yes! that's solar heating, use it to your advantage, I do my part, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, the technical part will be left up to your own research, as I do not have a clue as to what the answer is,, what?, just yesterday the duck tape girl said to me, 'a hippie don't get above your learning, now where is the half dozen old rusty cast iron skillets she done saved from the scrap man?, no name, made in the USA, atomic number six, get back dog! get back! from here on the east coast of Arkansas, the show goes on, thanks, shopdogsam
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