Easy Simple Free Energy Harvesting from Surrounding Ambiance and Human Body

A simple circuit to demonstrate the possibility to harvest free energy from the surrounding environment. Three bridge rectifier diodes are connected in series has its own antenna to add up more voltages. The antenna is build from copper coil wrapped around PVC pipe and one of them is tied to the power socket cable to harvest the emanating electromagnetic wave energy from the AC. This proves that there is energy surrounding outside the insulating cable.

Another interesting finding is the LED glows brighter when the diode circuit is touch. That leads to another test whether human body also generating AC energy other than heat energy. Using a diode rectifier it shows my fingers generate 400 to 500 mili-volt of AC power. And that's conclude why the LED glows brighter when the circuit is being touched by hand as it added more voltage.

There are more ideas to come to harvest free energy from the surrounding ambiance.

Free simple schematic http://howtodosteps.blogspot.my/2016/11/easy-simple-free-energy-harvesting.html

RF (Radio frequency)
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