Easy Simple High Step Up Current Joule Thief - Powered Up Multiple 8 Volts LED using 1.5 AA Battery

Very useful Joule Thief circuit to power up multiple array of 8 Volts LED bulb using 1.5 volt AA battery. Instead of using the conventional 2n2222a transistor - this circuit is powered by TIP41C transistor to provide more current .

This circuit is very useful for people who are living in remote area where there are no access to electricity. Cheap China batteries can easily provide good lighting from LEDs.


Toroid transformer
1KOhm resistor
TIP41C NPN Transistor
Jumper cable

Easy simple schematic diagram how to make this joule thief refer to http://howtodosteps.blogspot.my/2016/08/high-step-up-current-joule-thief.html -- DIY
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