EBAY 300 watts Micro Grid Tie Inverter DIY Experiment

EBAY 300 watts Micro Grid Tie Inverter DIY Experiment.

Recently purchased this micro grid tie inverter. Wanted to know what makes it work and makes it NOT work.

This particular one can handle 11 volts to 28 volts without issues. And what I found out is that it LIKES when the voltage is up there around 28 volts.

No matter how much wattage you put in... it will boil down to the voltage.

12 volts gives me 50 watts, no matter if its one battery or 2 or 4 batteries in parallel.

24 volts gives me 200 watts.
26 volts gives me 250 watts.

Was not able to try 28 volts since i dont know how boost my voltage without buying another gadget, that for sure will make the efficiency in conversion go down again.
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