Ebike hybrid charging ultracapacitor prototype ebike / scooter demo

eBike is now solar charged too
Summer 2011 Version 2.0
Lighter, Faster, Safer +GPS-WiFi-3G
. . . . . & even more Solar Power !
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September 2012 upgraded mid drive system

THEKPV began in 2008 by me Terry Hope. I had worked as an engineer aboard Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul sailboat. The captain would not allow a full size electric scooter.. I had only one option.. design a vehicle that will fit inside a suitcase.

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THEKPV specs.
44 lbs
396 Wh Battery
13 km Range
15 min recharge 80%
28 Wh 12v booster
10,000 cycles
10.8V Capacitor
50 lbs w/Solar Array
50 Watts solar power
12V Kinetic gen device

Super capacitor 310F (farad) charge and discharge
5 Ultra capacitor's from Maxwell Technologies
BOOSTCAP 2.7 volts 310 farads each
re-charging from harvested kinetic energy on my electric ebike

Demonstration values :
Capacitor voltage : 8.0 V / battery pack voltage : 30V (9xM1)
Motor & battery pack amp draw with no load : 3amps
with generator load : 4.5a - 4.6a

Super Capacitor voltage increases 0.5V in 15 seconds.

At approx. 1 min I flip a toggle switch that arranges the caps into series with the 30 volt battery pack increasing power to 38 volts.
The extra power works like the push-to-pass button used in formula 1 racing called KERS.

The ebike generator shown here has 6 individual dynamo's.
The alternator output is NOT tuned for efficiency in this video, and does come at a price of introducing more drag to the rear wheel rotational speed.

Tuning the output on a free spinning wheel to the least drag in the range of 0.2-0.3 amps. And would probably increase when tuned with the bike and rider weight.

What to call this prototype vehicle ?
bicycle with no pedals ...
mini superbike ?
pocket ebike
solarcycle ?
electro solar e-bike ?
hybrid bicycle ?
hybrid scooter ? ...
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