Ecocity2011 | Brent Toderian | Vancouver Local Action on Climate Change

SPEAKER: Mr. Brent Toderian. City Planning Director, City of Vancouver, Canada

TITLE: Vancouver Local Action on Climate Change

WHERE: At the Ecocity World Summit Montréal 2011, during the keynote "Panel on Municipal Government Climate Change Engagement"

WHEN: Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Local Action on Climate Change: our way to low-carbon cities

C. Larsson1, B. Toderian2, T. Tonndorf3, Z. Quan4
1City of Malmo, Malmo, Sweden, 2City of Vancouver, Planning, Vancouver, Canada, 3Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin, Germany, 4Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, Shangai, China

Cities and local governments have understood the urgency to act on climate change as far back as the early 1990s. They have established policy processes, greenhouse gas emission inventories, voluntary CO2 reduction targets, local mitigation and adaptations plans, and they have introduced ways to measure and monitor progress.
Many cities and local governments have gone beyond national governments' targets and action plans and international framework agreements to respond to the threats of climate change.

This panel will present visions, approaches, indicators and systems of local governments, and how national governments and organizations can provide additional support. This session will show how municipal governments have engaged and integrated climate change mitigation and adaptation into their city development.

The city representatives will introduce selected activities - all together shall provide an overview on what cities do. The strategies and policies in place will be mentioned as well as some selected action examples. From special relevance will be explanation of the policy instruments used (regulations, market instruments, purchasing power, voluntary actions) as well as the results achieved: what can be measured, how can we compare, how can energy audits and later reporting help to set priorities?

Introduction into the theme and brief presentation of the Cities Climate Registry
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, Bonn/ Germany

Local practice / City examples

Malmö, Sweden
Mr. Christer Larsson, City Planning Director, City of Malmo, Sweden

Low-carbon development of Shanghai
Zhang Quan, Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, City of Shangai, China

Green Berlin - Better Climate: The Berlin Urban Development Plan for Climate Change Adaption

Mr. Thorsten Tonndorf, Chief or Urban Planning, City of Berlin, Germany
Vancouver, Canada

Mr. Brent Toderian, City Planning Director, City of Vancouver, Canada
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