Edward Leedskalnin Magnetic Current PMH Generator Part2

Edward Leedskalnin PMH Generator part 2. In this video I have Volt-Ohm Meter connected to the XL motor to see how much voltage the XL motor is. I've made improvements to the PMH metal core by rounding off the corners of the hexnuts so the coils can be closer to the metal core. Now I'm making magnetic currents in the core by using a magnet armature that has North pole magnets on one side and South pole magnets on the other side to focus currents down the PMH generator with a diode bridge rectifier and capacitor attached to the coils of the PMH. I also use a single diode half wave rectifier in the second half of the video. A DC motor and a AA 9 Volt battery box is the main power source to turn the magnet armature.
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