EES-4 Understanding Why Wind and Ground Solar Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels

To replace fossil fuels, there are only three primary terrestrial alternatives. Wind and ground solar energy are two of these. This fourth Spacefaring Institute™ video, in the Energy & Environmental Security Series discusses: (1) What sustainable terrestrial energy sources can replace fossil fuels? (2) How much energy will Americans need in 2100? (3) What will it take to meet this per capita energy need using non-fossil fuels? (4) Can wind and ground solar energy practically meet U.S. 2100 energy needs? And (5) What can America do to transition from fossil fuels?

This video includes an introduction to space solar power and illustrations of the types of spacefaring capabilities America’s aerospace industry can now design and build to enable America to become a true commercial human spacefaring nation and undertake space solar power.

The script of the video is posted at:
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