Efficient Water Electrolysis For Hydrogen Production. 1/2

Google Videos.
Author unknown. I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO. Experiments with efficient electrolysis, using a 2 inch outer tube and 1 1/2 inner.
I found this video on Google Videos and uploaded it here to YouTube. I knew immediately that this video needed to be promoted to as many people worldwide as possible to help validate the hydrogen from water movement. The technology has been kept hidden from us for years. Mythbusters did a segment building an Oxyhydrogen generator using electrolysis, the design plans they used and technology was a 100 years old, and was something you'd expect a 8 year old kid to build. They did not use a system like the author here in this video, I'm quite sure had they followed this authors design their results would have been vastly different.
Here's the link for the other video-
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