Electric Bike Upgrade Battery Pack & Solar Charger Man VS Junk EP 209

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The Description is in the video, but here is what is not. After adding the additional Lead Acid battery pack at 36v, the increase in range was as expected, however the power or torque needed to justify it, was lacking. Previously I tested the batteries in a 48v configuration, and got the torque and speed I wanted for a short while. I believe the Lithium battery I want to build, should be configured for 48v, or higher, and that should give me the desired results.

In this video I talk about weight, wiring, problem solving, restoration, and more. If you don't know what I'm talking about in this video, please watch previous episodes.

solar tracker SLB-2000 bike.

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I put this bike project off for a while, but when my headlights in my x-wife's truck went out, and my Nissan needed a new belt, I decided to get my bike up and working so I could travel when I needed to.

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