Electric Porsche 911 / 996 - First Test Drive in EV Conversion

I had to share this video - although not particularly interesting, you may hear two giddidy individuals as this Porsche 911 EV conversion goes on its first test drive.

Some notes:
It sounds louder inside the car than it does outside, as much of it is still apart from the ongoing conversion.
Note the Parrot Asteroid Smart stereo head-unit which is android powered, allowing us to use and OBDII connecter to pull data directly from the car and battery system and place it on the screen. (best shot toward end of video)
During this test, the battery pack/system was limited to about 30% power, and we were only testing for some basic functionality.
The BMS cut out at one point when we requested more than the limit would allow. "Man down!"
Although we have a power steering system implemented, it was not turned on for this test. It works, but is currently a bit noisy, especially in a car that is otherwise silent!
Much more work needs to be completed, and we found a couple issues. Fortunately nothing horrible.
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