Electric scooter / bike worlds fastest solar powered electric bike 2010

2010 worlds first solar powered / ultracapacitor - electric bike / razor scooter
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THEKPV began in 2008 by me Terry Hope. I had worked as an engineer aboard Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul sailboat. The captain would not allow a full size electric bike/scooter.. I had only one option.. design a vehicle that will fit inside a suitcase.

THEKPV electric bike / scooter specs.
44 lbs
396 Wh Battery
13 km Range
15 min recharge 80%
28 Wh 12v booster
10,000 cycles
10.8V Capacitor
50 lbs w/Solar Array
50 Watts solar power
12V Kinetic gen device

2010 razor electric scooter solar powered electric bike that is definitely got more speed than a segway,bmx or a unicycle. No accidents or crashes so far. Can hit top speed in a couple meters and race cars across the street on a green light only using a 350 watt DC brushed motor beating cars!
Im NOT saying this razor scooter can race a hayabusa or any other superbike or supercars like a bugatti veyron or lamborghini or Fisker Karma.. or that it should be on a top gear challenge in 2010 or 2011 or anything near that calibre.. well discovery channel maybe in 2012. It is very close to being the worlds first 25 lbs ultra portable survival vehicle/speed racer custom made using a razor electric scooter.

Zero Noise
Zero Emmissions
Zero Petro

2012 electric bike DIY video

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