Electric Vehicle Conversion - 1963 VW Beetle - Classic car electric vehicle conversion series

Electric Vehicle Conversion - 1963 VW Beetle - Classic car electric vehicle conversion series

The team from EV West will take through the conversion of this classic 1963 VW Beetle to a emissions free electric car.

The video talks you through this classic car electric vehicle conversion covering the AC motor, controller, aluminum controller mount, charger, adapter plate, flywheel coupler, water cooling plate, water pump, radiator, instrumentation, throttle controller, DC/DC convertor, engine bay mounting boards, and firewall cover.

After mounting this kit, the only thing left is to add a battery system, and you are ready to drive.

In the second part of the video the team takes your through what is inside a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and how it works.

This video is the first in a series of classic car electric vehicle conversions. So if you are interested in your own DIY EV, electric vehicle conversion, or electric car conversion then this video is a must see.

This conversion is applicable to VW Beetle models from 1956-1977.

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