Electricity from road with kinetic energy. video 2.flv

The Ramp operates by virtue of a number of articulated plates
placed in the road. When vehicles weight is exerted on the
plates they are moved up and down and by means of a specially
designed mechanism, a generator is driven, which is capable of
producing AC or DC current.

In either event, the generator's output will vary according to
the frequency and weight of traffic, but in general terms will
be capable of producing between 5 and 10kW.

The ramp is unobtrusive, silent in operation, causes no
discomfort to the vehicles occupants and is entirely safe in
operation. The Ramp requires the minimum of maintenance and
may be used for generating electricity to power street lighting,
traffic lights or road signs, with the surplus being fed into
the national grid. It can also store electricity within a storage
battery for future use.
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