Electromagnetic Induction in 3D

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DC Generator: Like an AC generator a DC generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.However, a DC generator produces direct current, and is commonly used in small scale power generation devices such as a dynamo.A DC generator is equipped with the commutator, which is a pair of slip rings in a position similar to that of slip rings of an AC generator.The commutator helps in keeping the polarity of the brushes the same. To ensure unidirectional current.The other major components of a DC generator are similar to that in an AC generator. A DC generator that contains a loop generates a pulsating DC current.To produce more stable current a coil with more turns is typically used.In a DC generator, when the coil rotates through ninety degrees, the change in magnetic flux induces an electro motive force of maximum strength.This current flows through the split rings to the brushes.When the coil is rotated further at one eighty degrees, the electro motive force becomes zero.At this point the contact between the commutator and the brushes is reversed.The first brush now comes in to contact with the second segment where the other brush comes into contact with the second segment while the other brush comes into contact with the first segment of the commutator.This keeps the current going in one direction.

We have studied that when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field,it experiences a force. Faraday made an important breakthrough by discovering how a moving magnet can be used to generate electric currents.
The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is the production of induced current in a coil placed in a region where the magnetic field changes with time. The magnetic field may change due to a relative motion between the coil and a magnet placed near to the coil.
To observe this effect, let us perform the following activity.
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