End of prototype testing 3.25" nexus stirling engine.

I wanted to put a centered hot spot turning the stainless cherry red but my prototype linkage was not up to the power....a good sign I'll be more inspired to build a low friction linkage to really boost performance before adding generator for dc cell phone charging. My 6" stirling which is underway should be able to put out 14v at 500ma but i'd be happy with 50ma to start. Open to trying any diy alternator suggestions, I have ceramic now to cut for upper section of motor and crank underway.
I am using my carbon fiber nbr high heat gasket sheet with no leaks to this point of testing 15 ft/lbs or so on 3-32 g8 bolts. I did have the stainless plate at first flush but now have a 1/8" mild steel clamping collar because the stainless warped under very high heat blowing the lowest seal. This is my 3rd stirling to date, I plan on 2 years of building before having any true electric output and may build a linear alternator for laptop charging off solar concentrated heat and or open fire/coals.
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