Energy efficient home ideas - Thornborough SuperHome

Robert Smart takes us on a whistle stop tour of his Superhome in Thornborough, Bucks, providing some very helpful ideas for making your home more energy efficient along the way. The Firs in Thornborough used to be two 1930s farm cottages. These were subsequently joined together and refurbished resulting in a 67% carbon saving.

Features of this retrofit house:

• Draught stripping: windows, wall, liner in ceiling
• 270mm loft insulation
• Oak flooring (electric underfloor heating in the kitchen)
• Condensing Boiler and TRVs
• 4kW Solar Water Heating (flat plate panels)
• 1.7kWp Solar PV system (note: 3 invertors to overcome shading issues)
• 2 wood burning stoves
• Low energy lighting
• Low energy appliances
• Water saving devices

Some ideas included in this video for making your home more energy efficient:

• use thermos flasks to store boiled water at temperature
• move to 3W LED bulbs, replacing 50W halogen downlighters
• use an electricity monitor to check energy use of appliances
• compost (Robert explains that 40% of household waste by weight is organic!)
• store and burn locally sourced waste wood in your wood stoves

This house is one of the homes in the SuperHomes network of older homes that have been renovated by their owners to reduce carbon emissions by at least 60%. Most SuperHomes host public open days in spring or September. For more, visit Robert's house.


With thanks to Keith and Jonny Milmer who produced this video for
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