Energy Generator Experiment at Night

This is a video I took while camping in Kentucky. The machine presented is a small Bedini SG generator that I built a few months ago. This video demonstrates the power of the secondary output, here without the capacitor and timed dump, although both are necessary for the charging application to function correctly.
The generator is powered with a 6v alkaline lantern battery. The transistor acts as a switch in this circuit, as the magnet wheel is started (by hand) the EMF from the passing magnets across the core of the hand-wound, trifiler coil dopes the transistor, allowing the primary voltage to create an electromagnetic field around the coil, and repel the magnets that are of same polarity on the wheel, which continues the rotation.
The secondary line is connected to an AC to DC bridge rectifier, the DC of which would be connected to the capacitor and dump switch, is connected to a 4 watt inverter and fluorescent tube, or a 'closet light' that can be purchased at any department store. As resistance is adjusted on the primary/trigger side, the secondary line allows more voltage into the light and viola! The only problem is that since the capacitor is not present the radiant energy that is extracted from the vacuum cannot be stored, therefore this setup is not very efficient, in fact there is no real point to it at all. Its just a demonstration anyway and since it was pitch dark at the camp ground where I was staying, I just figured I could get this on film.
The long coil to the left is a Stubblefield Earth Battery, its not connected to this circuit but it is the main reason I took all his stuff with me on my vacation. There will be a video on it soon, and it will have better lighting.
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