Energy Harvesting: How to Save Your Customers Money & Eliminate or Extend Battery Life

Introducing the Energy Harvesting Platform from Future Energy Solutions.

The Energy Harvesting Platform is designed as a complete energy harvesting evaluation system. Measurement of the energy chain is taken at the energy harvesting point, dc-dc to storage, storage, dc-dc to application and at the application.

The GUI displays the energy chain and with data logging functions can measure the effectiveness of your energy harvesting system design in real life conditions. GUI controlled relays allow the user to have complete control over each block in the system in order to help you design energy harvesting into your application.

Energy Harvesting Platform is a leading edge technology Evaluation:

The advantage of the Energy Harvesting Platform is that the system can be continuously upgraded with the latest, leading edge energy harvesting, dc-dc, storage and low power technology. This ensures that our customers will be ahead of the curve in designing their latest products to run plug free!

You can harvest energy from different sustainable energy sources or alternative Energy Sources can be the source of free energy and consequently free electricity:
1. Piezoelectric energy harvesting
2. RF energy harvesting
3. Solar energy harvesting
4. Vibration energy harvesting

Super capacitors can be used on this energy harvesting circuit for electrical energy storage as well as other storage solutions such as thin film batteries or other rechargeable battery solutions.

In this video, Nathan Lee, Manager - Technical Marketing for Future Energy Solutions, demonstrates the new Energy Harvesting Platform developed by Future Energy Solutions.This video demonstrates the ease of set-up and use of the Energy Harvesting Platform. This Energy Harvesting Platform is ideal for battery extension or replacement in wireless devices, sensing, condition monitoring, and other low power applications.

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Energy Harvesting DC-DC:
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Application Module:

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