Enphase Micro Inverters | M250 & M215 | Unboxing & Features

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Enphase Micro Inverters are great for grid tied solar power system installations. Watch to learn the features of this easy to install product, as the Enphase Micro Inverter M250 is unboxed.

The M250 and M215 micro inverters have an efficiency of 96.5%! The micro inverters install on the back of the solar panels, convert DC power to AC right on your roof, and are extremely weather resistant. Being NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown Compliant, this micro inverter will shut down immediately when the electric grid goes out. The M250 and M215 Enphase micro-inverters have individual inverting capabilities and remote monitoring at the individual solar panel level.

Also covered is the Enphase Engage cable used with the micro inverters, and demonstrated with them, the Enphase Watertight Sealing Cap.

- High Efficiency
- Easy to Install
- Nice Monitoring
- Great Grid tied Solar Power System Solution

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