EV Conversion - Customized Golf Cart Motor/Controller

I got a motor and controller from a Club Car Precedent IQ golf cart from Craigslist and set about getting it to work for an EV project.

The two major hurdles were machining an end plate, with bearing, for the motor (which has none in the golf cart application) and creating a greatly-simplified custom wire harness. Tonight I put it all together for the first time and everything worked: the motor spins!

If you need a simplified wiring harness for a Curtis 1510 type controller (1510A-5201, 1510A-5202, 1510A-5251, 1510A-5250, 1510-5251, 1510-5201, 1510-5202, 1510-5250 ) and sepex motor (my motor is ADC EJ4-4001; the GE motors from the Club Car Precedent IQ should also work).

A JPG of the diagram: http://orange-claw-hammer.com/tmp/misc/public_electrical_diagram_1510_simple.jpg

A PDF of the diagram: http://orange-claw-hammer.com/tmp/misc/public_electrical_diagram_1510_simple.pdf

This thread: http://www.buggiesgonewild.com/electric-golf-carts/15316-programming-curtis-controller.html has been very helpful. I successfully got "into" my 1510A and read and modified its settings, to the limited degree that Curtis allows.

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