EV Conversion Guide Part 30 --------Extras -- Amp Meter Volt Meter

Amp Meter & Volt Meter. I did a piggy-back with this one to save running a extra wire. Now, start with Amp Meter. Run 2 wires from the Shunt (as pictured) through the Cars Firewall to where the Meters are installed. For the Volt meter, run a single, Negative wire to the negative terminal on the controller where the battery pack connects the controller in negative. Run that wire through the firewall to the Volt Meter's Negative.
Now, to save running a extra Positive wire, you can add in the volt meters positive to one of the wires coming from the shut to the Amp Meter. As both those wires are positive, either will work.
For the lighting of the meters, I like to have mine wired into the dash lights, so that they turn on when the headlights or running lights are on. Also, they will be dim-able by the in cabin dash light dimmer on this vehicle.

Part 31: Extras --- Charger http://youtu.be/-i6XeCSlVc8

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